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Data Acquisition Software for Titan

TCS is a versatile software application customized for use with Titan devices, providing for configuration, control, display, and storage of sensor data from all Titan data acquisition hardware. The latest version (v3.3.0) incorporates many new customer-requested and innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Ease of use / Intuitive operation
  • Customized for use with all Titan hardware
  • Fast data visualization
  • Extensive plotting and graphing options
  • Multiple file format support: WAV, CSV, TSV, RPCIII, MATLAB, HDF5
  • Sensor database management


  • Data Analysis Data Analysis
  • Data Review Data Review
  • Multiple Plots (mixed data types) Multiple Plots (mixed data types)
  • Realtime Data Plotting Realtime Data Plotting
  • Sensor Database Management Sensor Database Management
  • Titan device configuration Titan device configuration