Service Bulletins

Current software and firmware releases

TCS – Titan Control Software v3.3.2

Applicability: This new release is recommended only for users of the Titan CAI Mini-Recorder.

Description: Titan Control Software version 3.3.2 incorporates the following feature enhancements and bug fixes:
1. Added support for Titan CAI Mini-Recorder scan rates
2. Added ‘Pascals’ and ‘PSI’ unit options to Engineering Units
3. Modified the Engineering Units drop-down menu to display only the units that are appropriate for the chosen sensor

TCS v3.3.2 is available as an Installer that includes all required support files as well as an update to the embedded User Manual that provides context-sensitive help.

Update: Download TCS v3.3.2 from the Mars Labs Knowledge Base. Note that you will need a login name and password to download the update – please contact Mars Labs to obtain login credentials if you have not already been supplied the information.

Mini-Recorder Firmware v0.34.26

Applicability: This release applies to Titan High Speed Mini-Recorders.

Description: The Titan High Speed v0.34.26 firmware incorporates the following feature enhancements and bug fixes:
1. Implemented corrective measures to mitigate potential issues in the event of electrostatic discharge (ESD)
2. Corrected a calibration issue with digital gains (256 & 512) when CAL+ or CAL- was enabled
3. Added thru-the-device firmware updating capability for Mini-Recorders with Internal Digital Pods

Update: Download the Titan High Speed Firmware v0.34.26 from the Mars Labs Knowledge Base. Installation of the firmware requires the use of the Titan Programmer. The Titan Programmer is built into TCS (selected in the TCS ‘Device/Advanced’ menu). A stand-alone version of the Titan Programmer is also available as a download from the Mars Labs Knowledge Base.