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Titan Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Titan Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems offer universal signal conditioning, low power consumption, convenient SD card storage, and easy-to-use software. Systems can be purchased as a complete test kit, including custom cables and accessories. Titan products are designed and built in the US.

Input / Output Modules

  • Competitve cost-per-channel
  • 24-bit A/D converters; 16-bit exported
  • ICP, Strain Gauge, Frequency, String Pot, Thermocouple
  • Portable, rugged, stand-alone operation
  • Open-source command set for third-party software applications

Channel Expanders

  • Expand up to 384 Analog Channels + Digital Channels
  • Network interface allows remote operation via TCP/IP
  • Auto start / auto record
  • Remote Start Switch
  • Optional Driver Display


  • Sensors
  • Input Adapters
  • Cables
  • Interfaces
  • Custom fixtures
  • Custom cables


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Sensory Library
  • Calibration, Start / Stop, Recording Controls
  • Multiple file format support: WAV, CSV, TSV, RPCIII, MATLAB, HDF5
  • Fast data visualization